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Jumbo and Friends creates exciting, inspiring, original children’s furniture in the shape of beautiful stylish animals. Using the highest quality materials, our luxury nursery furniture is custom made and hand finished in the UK. Our design cot bed, toy cot and storage box seat will be a stunning addition at home or the perfect gift for your family or friends' kids!


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Take Zorro Home!

Children are happiest with friends around, so we couldn’t help giving Jumbo a friend to play with. Zorro is a little mischievous but a good-natured little creature and a great adventure companion to Jumbo. They make a great pair! Despite Zorro being light and fast and superb fun, when it comes to bedtime it always prefers to stay by Jumbo’s side.

Zorro is a charming toy cot, perfect for your child’s teddies and other toys. This small cot is the ideal size and weight to encourage interaction and creativity and makes for a perfect addition in your child’s toy collection at home. Our toy cots have interchangeable animal faces so your kids can turn their Zorro into a Jumbito in no time! And as a bonus for parents, it looks great anywhere at home!

Zorro means fox in Spanish. We’ve always been attracted to those timeless characters such as Fantastic Mr. Fox. So to give our smaller character a bit of an edge we named it Zorro and we think it’s fantastic!


Zorro - The toy cot / measurements.


  • Zorro is extremely simple to assemble and putting it together can be a great game for both you and your child. It requires no screws at all, every piece is made of plywood and comes together easily by sliding the pieces together and inserting a wooden pin. Please read the instructions provided carefully.
  • Our toy cots interchangeable faces means you can take a separate animal face home and swap characters easily!
  • Zorro is custom made in the UK using the highest quality materials always sourced from responsibly managed forests in Eastern Europe (PEFC and FSC certified). The wood is hand finished with natural products and water based paints to better preserve the wood and avoid it from staining.
  • This toy complies with the relevant European safety standards for toys (EN 71) so you can be assured your child will always be safe. We are parents ourselves so we wouldn’t have it any other way.