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Jumbo and Friends creates exciting, inspiring, original children’s furniture in the shape of beautiful stylish animals. Using the highest quality materials, our luxury nursery furniture is custom made and hand finished in the UK. Our design cot bed, toy cot and storage box seat will be a stunning addition at home or the perfect gift for your family or friends' kids!




Jumbo & Friends was created with one very special little guy in mind. His name is Tomas and he is the founder's son, now 3 and a half years young. There is nothing, and we mean NOTHING in this world more important than Tomas' well being and now also, since the launch of this brand, that of all the children out there who will be enjoying our creations. We have designed our furniture with many things in mind, but one reigning element has always been the safety of those using it. So once the design and development of each piece has been finalised, the appropriate samples are sent to UKAS accredited laboratories to be professionally tested to meet the European safety standards appropriate to each one of them. Please check each specific piece’s safety section for full details of specific standards.

We are proud to report that Tomas sleeps in our first ever Jumbo, plays with Zorro and keeps all his toys tidy in a Tui (most of the time ;-)