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Jumbo and Friends creates exciting, inspiring, original children’s furniture in the shape of beautiful stylish animals. Using the highest quality materials, our luxury nursery furniture is custom made and hand finished in the UK. Our design cot bed, toy cot and storage box seat will be a stunning addition at home or the perfect gift for your family or friends' kids!







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Love song #2

Esther GS

This week has been a pretty special week for me.

It is Children’s Books Week and my little one, now nearly 3, is really into books. I feel proud and also relieved by this because when he was younger (even younger!) he wasn’t really that interested in books, his attention wandered off pretty quickly and he just literally forced me to close whatever book I had in front of him! I, of course, felt completely responsible and guilty for this ...

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Why an elephant cot?

Esther GS

I love animals.
Statement #1

Children love animals.
Statement #2

Animals aren’t square.
Statement #3

This is me rationalising the design process for Jumbo. See? I told you, I’m not a trained designer…

Now seriously, I think it’s the simplest way to explain it. I was trying to do something that pleased me as much as I hoped it’d please my soon to be born child. I wanted it to be different ...

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