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Jumbo and Friends creates exciting, inspiring, original children’s furniture in the shape of beautiful stylish animals. Using the highest quality materials, our luxury nursery furniture is custom made and hand finished in the UK. Our design cot bed, toy cot and storage box seat will be a stunning addition at home or the perfect gift for your family or friends' kids!








Esther GS

It’s 5 in the morning, I need to pee. I have been needing the toilet a lot more often lately but don’t want to over think. But I am thinking. Clearly. It says in the box it’s best when it’s the first pee of the day. Great. I am shaking because I am excited. I am also shaking because I’m VERY very scared… Get the thing out of box, try not make too much noise, don’t want to wake R up, this is between me and my pee. Never been great at collecting these samples (who would have thought in 2013 we’d still be peeing on a stick!) but I manage just about fine. 3 minutes of agony, my feet are cold, the lovely bathroom tiles aren’t very warm, nop

And then a big smile and a wee tear…

So this is how this story begins, on the 22nd of April 2013!

The days and weeks following this were rather special, we were just so gleamingly happy about it. It was the perfect moment for me personally to have a child. I felt so ready, it couldn't have been timed any better (and I am a film editor, so timing is VERY important ;-) A few months earlier I’d had a dream, in this dream I was mother to a baby girl called Margo. I was definitely ready. So it was natural for me assume this was it, this was my Margo. So R, Margo and I embarked on our own little story, a story WE had to write from scratch though obviously borrowing inspiration from all suitable existing stories, we are not reinventing the wheel after all (luckily). So we kept dreaming of all the beautiful things this new life was going to bring to our lives, all the things she will achieve and become in life, I mean this girl was already awesome! So with that excitement we started looking for all the things, material things that is, she was going to need to be and do those amazing things. And of course she needs to sleep (little did we know…) and so we started looking for cots. And our hearts sunk. Literally. Literally because most cots out there seemed so uninspiring, so not in tune with what we were feeling. All were very much like boxes with bars, with pretty wood, pretty paints, yes; some more stylish than others, yes; but all very much the same. I couldn’t believe it.

So I started looking at all those fantastic things amazing designers and architects have done over the years, my memory of growing up surrounded by piles of interior design magazines that my mum endlessly consumed (and still does!) and all those newer magazines, websites, blogs anything design kicking in, like a fancy mixologist really. And suddenly realised that I actually was drawing something that could actually become a cot which actually did REALLY excite me!!

And this is how Jumbo’s story began.

My name is Esther Gimenez and I am a film editor based in London. But I am not going to tell you about that (maybe just a little when relevant) I am going to tell you about this crazy idea of mine, that a woman with no previous design or business formal training, a pregnant woman then, now a mum to 2 years old Tomas (yep, it wasn't a Margot after all!) with a fairly full time job as a film editor, can have a go at setting up a children’s furniture business. As of today I still don’t know if this is going to work but in my heart I feel it will be a success. If nothing else then on a personal level, as simply the experience of doing what I have been doing, meeting who I have been meeting, learning what I have been learning for the past 2 years is more than enough to make myself proud and more importantly, to hopefully make Tomas proud of his mummy some day in the near future. For now, he just wants me near. And his daddy ;-)

Thanks for reading and please don’t let me become a lonely charlatan, be kind and write back if you like Jumbo & Friends furniture, if you have had similar experiences and want to share them, if you are just about to embark on a similar journey or simply if you just like what you read in this blog and want to contribute!